Oct 9, 2011

Recipe: toaster oven mini zucchini pizzas

This is the time of year for "too much zucchini", so I've been on the search for zucchini recipes. Pinterest has been particularly useful in this search. So far I've tried dill zucchini chips (not good at all), zucchini fries (meh), and zucchini pizzas (finally, a win!), and a vegetable soup (also meh, but I think that was my fault and not the recipe's). I think that I might just not like zucchini all that much... Perhaps I should have opted for baked goods that hide it better...

In any case, I've decided to post my version of the zucchini pizzas, since I seem to have a problem following recipes without modifying them. In this case I had a good excuse: I don't pepperoni, and I don't have a grill!

Toaster Oven Mini Zucchini Pizzas
Ease: 1 very easy
Time: 1 very quick
Ingredients: very easy
Source: Kalyn's Kitchen

  • Zucchini, the fatter the better
  • Olive oil
  • Sauce of your choice: alfredo, BBQ, pizza, thai, etc.
  • Cheese of your choice: mozza, cheddar, parm, etc.
  • Veggie toppings of your choice: bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, fresh basil, etc

  1. Slice zucchini into 3/4" slices. I had a fat zucchini so I did my slices widthwise, but you could also make long and skinny pizzas with lengthwise slices.
  2. Place the slices on a cooking sheet, and brush the tops with olive oil. Broil in a toaster oven for 8-10 minutes.
  3. Flip the slices over and top them with the sauce, toppings, and cheese.
  4. Broil again for 5-7 minutes, or until the cheese has started to bubble and brown.
  5. I suggest eating these with a fork and knife, and carefully... No one likes the hot-cheese & roof-of-mouth combination.

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Ashley said...

Brilliant! These look so delicious! I'm SO going to make these (with Daiya vegan cheese, of course). Two thumbs up my friend!