May 16, 2010

crafts: recent finished (bébé) objects

I'm gonna be an aunt really soon (what do y'all think of Auntie Nicki?), so I spent a few months making loads of baby stuff for little Sofie. I finally gave (most of) it to Trevor & Jenna, so I feel like I can post it. One item has not been given but I don't think either of them read my blog so... I don't like this is going to spoil anything :)

Snug booties

Vanille slippers (named because I was watching kyle play FFXIII while I made them and the colour matches her hair - "her" being a character in the game, not Sofie!)

Backstrap sandals

Periwinkle Kimono

I'm also going to make some Japanese style booties/baby slippers to go with this... soon... when I have time...

First (and last?) raggy quilt (also for Sofie)

Stuff that isn't for Sofie...
Flame Sandals (not sure who these are for yet...)

And my first tunisian project, a square for a swap I'm doing.

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Aimee said...

Looks great! Love the rag quilt :) I have done a few of these myself and the baby ones are always the most fun to make!