Jan 13, 2009

News, no recipe

Photo: Completely irrelevant, but pretty hilarious, photo of my cat Darwin acting as "Jabba the Cat"

I don't feel up to typing out a recipe right now, so I'll try to do that later in the week. In the meantime, I do have some news items.
  1. I have a job! I have a 3-month contract working for a professor at the University of Windsor. It's full time, and it has possibility of extension afterwards. I'm identifying aquatic insects half the time, and analyzing data the other half. That may not sound interesting to most of you, but I'm very excited about it.
  2. I am taking a graduate course in GIS (geographic information systems). I'm pretty excited about that too, since it's a pretty useful skill to have for environmental, ecological, and conservation work.
  3. I've been talking to a professor at Laval University, in Quebec, about possibly doing a PhD. This particular position is much closer to the kind of research I'd like to do in the future.

So, as I always seem to do, I'm again making the excuse that I don't have time to cook or post recipes. I've tried to turn to "quick" meals, like ones that you can just throw in a crockpot, and I'm getting 50% or less success. I stuck veggies, chickpeas, and a few spices in the crockpot this morning hoping to come home to a delicious meal. It was Oooookay, but there was something "off" about it, so I won't try that again with this particular recipe. I'm still taking pictures all the time... I just need to find the time to type up the recipes. I also spend a bit of time editing the photos to make them look decent, since the lighting in our kitchen is quite poor. So the whole posting thing is time consuming!

In any case, here's a list of the recipes I've posted:
Hot Channa and Lazy Naan
Mom's Caesar Salad Dressing
Gingery Squash Soup
Sesame Tofu
Picante Pasta
How to Peel Tomatoes
A Delicious Mix of Pureed Vegetables
Some nutritional information on Iron
Pad Thai
Pizza Pasta
Curried Vegetables
Taco Salad
Fiesta Burrito Bake

I've also been trying to label each recipe with a set of tags. There's a list of tags at the right hand side so that you can click on a tag and find all recipes tagged with that word. Seems useful, no? At least once I have lots of recipes on there, anyways. You'll also be able to quickly realize that: a) I like Indian and Asian foods best; b) I like easy or very easy meals; and c) I enjoy tofu. If you can think of a tag that would be useful/informative, please suggest it in the comments section of the blog.

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