Feb 7, 2010

recipe: new recipe in the archives + need help with my scales

mexican night
mexican night, by David Bradley

I've decided to backdate my recipe posts back to when I originally emailed them out. Because these tend to be hidden in the archives, I'll also announce them when I post them.

Today I posted:
Mexican Night


Also, I'm trying to figure out a scale system for speed and easiness of my recipes, since those are the two most important qualities (other than health and taste) I look for in a recipe.

Right now, I'm thinking:

1. Very easy
2. Easy
3. Somewhat easy
4. Not very easy
5. Hard

1. Very quick
2. Quick
3. Somewhat quick
4. Somewhat time-consuming
5. Time-consuming

But I've also used words like "pretty easy" and "pretty quick". Where do they fit in? Does "somewhat" mean more or less quick than just "Quick"?

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Ashley said...

To me, "pretty quick" is like you're saying it's quick but not really committing, so I'm going to go with that equates to somewhat quick.... same rules apply to the easy category.
I think adding these speed and ease ratings are an excellent idea.