Feb 21, 2010

recipe: breakfast rice pudding


I enjoy hot grain cereals, and I sometimes miss rice pudding. My mom's recipe, however, uses eggs and takes hours to bake. I find it a bit to "eggy", and I don't like the idea of running an oven for 1 hour just for pudding. I've therefore been searching for rice pudding recipes that don't involve the oven, and preferably don't involve eggs either. One day, a bit of inspiration struck me and I figured that I could probably add rice to my cream of wheat and have it be somewhat ricepudding-like. Here's the result. Very simple, and uses up some leftover rice, which is always nice.
I wonder if there's anything I could have done to make this look more appetizing...

Breakfast Rice Pudding
Effort: 1 very easy
Time: 1 very quick
Ingredients: easy to get
Source: me
rice pudding ingredients

  • ~1 cup soy milk (I prefer Sensational Soy vanilla)
  • ~1/3-1/2 cup rice
  • ~2 1/2 Tbsp dry cream of wheat
  • couple of pinches of cinnamon
  • maple syrup (optional topping - the soymilk is quite sweet enough)


  1. Add soymilk to small pot. Put heat on medium.
  2. Mix rice into soymilk (if it was cold, break it up first).
  3. Add dry cream of wheat one tablespoon at a time. Very slowly sprinkle it into the soymilk while stirring constantly. This helps prevent lumps.
  4. Stir frequently, if not constantly.
  5. As soon as bubbles start regularly appearing & the pudding looks a bit thicker, turn the burner off but leave the pot on the burner.
  6. Stir frequently ~2 minutes or until it's as thick as you want. Note that it will still thicken a little bit once you pour it in your bowl.

this one was just for fun - woo, swirly...

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Ashley said...

Oooh! I really miss rice pudding too! This sounds so cleverly simple! I'll definitely be trying this, maybe for breakfast tomorrow...