Mar 1, 2010

crafts: join me on ravelry!

diablo, by me

Do you knit or crochet? Are you part of that World of Woolcraft/Stitch N' Bitch group back in Windsor that I miss so much? Join me on Ravelry. We can keep track of each other's projects and share what we're working on and have finished!

I joined a year ago but only just started exploring and I really like it. You can search for patterns, add patterns to your "queue" of projects, and start projects just by clicking a link. I've already got 15 different pattern marked as "to do in the future". And I've already started two different patterns I discovered on Saturday. It's fun stuff. So you should join me. It's still in Beta form, so you have to request an invitation to join, but it only takes a few days to receive the invite, so hurry up and join!! *EDIT: After revising the website, it seems that you may not need to request an invite to join... Kaitlin joined really quickly after reading this email so it seems pretty easy.*

And if you're already on Ravelry, I'm pixienicki, like I am everywhere on the Web...

Jack and blanket

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