Mar 14, 2010

crafts: recent finished objects

If you haven't already joined me on Ravelry, you should do so. And for those of you who haven't, I wanted to share some of my recently finished objects. I'm very much into "practical crocheted items" right now, so if you noticed a theme... you're not imagining it. Click on a photo for more info about the project & some more photos.

External Harddrive Case for Kyle

iPod Cozy for Kyle - I'm really proud of this one!

Neon Nuclear Blanket for Jack Borrelli

Cutlery Case for Moi

I've almost finished my first baby quilt and I'm not happy with it. I'm not a good quilter. Quilting requires patience, and precision, and the proper equipment. Quilting sans those things = bad.

A bit of self-appreciation for a moment: my craftiness was featured on my favourite(only) wedding blog, Offbeat Bride.

I also discovered, which I've only spent about 1/2 hour exploring so I'm not sure if I like it more or less than Ravelry. Either way, I've found a bunch o' ways to waste time/procrastinate... and it's going to ruin me (or at least my PhD). I did find a SWEET idea for what to do with jean hems (I now have a reason to appreciate my short legs), and I also found a sweet article on what to do with old jeans, which makes me a happy camper.

Jean Hem Skirt = AWESOME (note: that's not me, and I didn't make that skirt. That's simply my inspiration. Click on the photo for more details)

And the last thing I will share with you for today is: a nifty little program that traces your mouse patterns (dots indicate periods of inactivity). I find it pretty exciting to turn it on during a particular activity and then try to figure out what was going on during that activity. This image was me blog-browsing for 1.5 hours + a shower.
mouse-tracing blog-browsing


Emma said...

OMG! You've never been to craftster? Welcome to the last five years of my life, lol. It's HIGHLY addictive!
Love your crocheted items! I think the one looks kind of like an owl! And I will definitely check out ravelry!

Nicki said...

Ok I think I have heard of Craftser (maybe because of you?), but I wasn't so much into the crafting thing before, so now it seems much more appealing! Yes, I bet it's DAMN addicting, since I can't get off Ravelry and that's only knitting/crocheting!!!
haha, the harddrive case? An owl? Hmm.. owls are very "in" right now. Maybe I'll have to work with that. You might be on to something ;) (I have dreams of one day opening an Etsy store. Doubt it'll ever happen but hey I can dream).

Michelle said...

Nicki I am constantly more and more impressed with your craftiness. I thought the cake toppers was the real topper, but I see it was just the tip of the ice berg!! Love kyles ipod cozy and the blanket you made me is fabulous. Keep it up!! And can I place an order for your portable cutlery carrier thingamajig? I am always looking for ways to carry my reusable cutlery to work and back without stabbing myself and losing it....

Nicki said...

Hey thanks!
I'm glad you like your blanket. Is it warm? Kyle wants one like yours now. He was sad that I had to give it away. I'm like "I have to make stuff for other people" and he's like "No... time to make me another blanket!" Sheesh.
Yeah totally I'll make you a cutlery carrier thingie. I'm going to try out another design for Kyles (yes, he's requested one of those too) and then you can choose which design you like, k?

Emma P said...

I also secretly dream of an etsy shop. One day, maybe....:)