Mar 21, 2010

pretty things

I've fallen into a new semi-obsession. For lack of a better term, I'm calling it "looking at pretty things". I'm not quite sure when it started happening, but it hit me full force last weekend, when I spent hours browsing craft, design, fashion, and photography blogs and adding them all to my Reader (and again, when finding images to use in this collage, I just spent another good 2.5 hours). I can trace the factors in this obsession (thrift-store finds & Anne-Marie, wedding-planning, Offbeat Bride, Etsy, crocheting, America's Next Top Model, quilting & Michelle Dobrin, watching hours of Colour Confidential, my new years resolution to "dress better", my yearning to be a real photographer, Buzz, Reader, & the blogsophere), but still the obsession itself kind of snuck up on me. And last weekend when blog-browsing, I was unreasonably excited about skimming through these blogs. I've fallen in love with cotton candy colours and old-fashioned photography, I suddenly care about fashion, and I *need* to redecorate our apartment.

I've created a place for me to store these pretty (and strange and/or interesting) things I see scattered over the web. I'm creating it for myself, not for anyone else, but if you want to check it out, you can.

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