Mar 7, 2010

health: do you wii fit?

routine, by me

My fitness regime has been extremely erratic/inconsistent since... forever.

Elementary & High School: I hated gym class; I hated outside. Briefly considered taking a grade 11 class that used exercise machines, but didn't (probably because it would have required me to take grade 10 gym *shudder*)

there's something about his smile I don't quite like..., by one of my parents

Undergrad: I joined a women's only gym for 4 months when living at my cousin Michelle's place between OAC & 1st year. I decided I actually liked exercising. Did aquafit in first or second year. In 3rd (?) year, I went to the U.Waterloo gym with the boys for several months with interesting results (did you know if a girl does too much "chest-work", she can end up with 4 boobs? true story). Decided I really liked weight-lifting. Tried to go to WLU gym a few times in 4th year, but it didn't stick. Decided I needed a gym buddy.

Costa Rica heavy lifting, by Kyle

Spent some time in the "crappy gym" at U.Windsor to get in shape for field work, with Jess as my gym buddy (yay!). 3.5 month field season in Costa Rica got me in the best shape of my life. Subsequent inaction gained me 10 lbs in fat (which only finally disappeared when I worked a bizarre 1-week schedule of field work on the vegetarian-unfriendly Limnos + a 2-day stomach bug). Did a few days of gym time in the last year of my MSc with Karan & Jess.

chubby me, by Kyle

The Middle Year: Purchased a Wii Fit in Oct 2008 and started using it 3 times a week when working part-time for Dan. Stopped using it when I started full-time for Jan.

spin, by LG Weddings

Prompted by the fact that I don't even walk to school anymore, the fact that I'm ALWAYS TIRED, and finally catalyzed by (my favourite photographer) Rebekka's blog post about exercise, I decided to try again. Only thing I can seem to stick to is Wii Fit... so I've been doing 31 minutes every morning. I have Wii Fit Plus, and set up a routine for myself. I find I work best if I have a routine, or else I'll just play two balance games and get bored. So far... it seems to be working. It's embarrassing, but I actually get stiff from Wii Fitting. I was really out of shape, I guess... Also, I'm not as tired in the evenings, which is nice.

What do you do for exercise? Do you Wii Fit? Do you have a routine? What are your favourite exercises (on and off Wii Fit)?

Here's my routine:
  • Palm Tree
  • Half-Moon
  • Chair
  • Tree
  • Cobra
  • Downward-facing Dog
  • Warrior
  • Triangle
  • Sun Salutation
  • Single-Leg Extension
  • Lunge
  • Torso Twists
  • Sideways Leg Lift
  • Rowing Squat
  • Arm & Leg Lift
  • Plank
  • Deep Breathing
I'm considering switching Deep Breathing to the very top, but that would require me to delete and reset all my exercises and I'm a bit lazy, since I just got them in an order I like!


Nicki said...

I'm not sure how much I like having Facebook automatically import my blog... It means that people comment on Facebook, and not on the blog. And I'd prefer to have my comments consolidated! But if I don't import it, then no one reads it... Conundrum...

So far I've had 3 Facebook comments. Kathy uses EA Active, my cousin Michelle told me to get outside for exercise, and Laura told me about her techniques for using walking for exercise. I replied:

@Kathy: Oooh I've been eyeing EA Active for a while. So.. you recommend it?

@Michelle: Yes those things sound lovely!! (well, running sounds more like torture, actually). I'm sure I will definitely walk & bike when it's nicer out. But I have trouble seeing those as "exercise". Sure, I like taking walks and bike rides and I know it's good for me (I walk up the stairs every day, and I live on the 5th floor)... but I don't really FEEL it afterwards, not like after weight-lifting. Plus, I'd have trouble getting into a "walking routine", and I really do need some structure to my fitness routine or it just doesn't happen. My FAVOURITE thing (which I strangely forgot to mention in my blog post) is Step Class, and I'm sure I'd like other classes too, but I haven't tried very many. Unfortunately, with very limited time, and the fact that gym memberships are expensive... I must resort to Wii Fit and making up my own routine as a sub for an actual instructor :(

@Laura: Good for you for walking to work/back! I used to walk 15 min to school & back which wasn't much but at least it was something. Now I'm an hour bus ride away so... no walking. Been thinking about taking walks at lunch though, especially when it's not so soggy and gross outside. mp3 player is definitely a good point too. I'm a big fan of audiobooks while I craft... I wonder how they'd work for walking since they'd keep you entertained? Or perhaps more upbeat music would be motivating.

Ashley said...

What I do is I just post a link to my blog when i have a new entry, forcing people to visit my actual blog if they want to read something.

Also, I really wish I had a Wii so that I could get the Wii Fit. I too have been suffering from exercise commitment problems in the last couple of years.

Nicki said...

Someone posted some interesting info on my facebook so I'm putting that here too:

Aimee: If you are ever looking for a challenge (much higher intensity than Wii, but more FUN too in my opinion), look into Beachbody products. It is a company with independent coaches (essentially sales reps, but it's everyday people that have chosen to be a support system + make a commission on sales). I am NOT a coach, but I can recommend one (or two) ... See Moreif you choose.
I started doing "Power 90" about a year ago, progressed to "P90X" (which I love, and am still doing right now), and just bought the newest "Insanity" program to increase my cardio. P90X incorporates more weights, but doesn't require much equipment, so it's perfect. Kyle would probably like it too because guys tend to "buff up" while doing it.
They also make a whole bunch of programs that are meant to be fun, like "Turbo Jam" and "Hip hop Abs", but I can comment on these since I've never tried them.
Anyways, email me if you want more info. It's pretty awesome, and it's just a set of DVDs so you can do it in the comfort of your own home :)

Nicki said...

@Ashley: Yes, I have taken the auto import off and I'll have to post links if I want people reading anything.

You should take advantage of the free gym membership as a grad student! They have great classes there at various times of the day. I was addicted to the step class... It used to be every Monday at 5!

Nicki said...

Brian commented on my facebook post:
Since all/most of those moves are yoga postures, the most efficient thing would be to start with sun salutations and utilize deep breathing throughout each exercise. If you go to a studio, you'll see 60-70% of those exercises performed as part of the "Primary Series" of Ashtanga yoga.

Traditionally, there's a logical sequence, but there's no harm in doing the exercises in another order.

I wrote back:
The first half are yoga, the 2nd half are "strength-training". Wii Fit encourages you to use deep breathing throughout all yoga exercises, but there is also a "Deep Breathing" activity. I think I should put it first because it will remind me how I'm supposed to be breathing throughout the rest of the exercises. And sun salutation... yeah, that used to be higher in my routine, but I decided it required too much moving/bending considering I start the routine 2 minutes after I crawl out of bed. I moved it down so that I have a chance to wake up before I try folding in half :)
That said, I recognize that yoga has traditional sequences... but I modified it all to fit me instead!