Mar 21, 2010

french: the strangeness of learning a language

[untitled, by me.]

Learning a new language is such a strange experience. It's like, I'll be sitting there listening to something my teacher is saying, and even though she's clearly speaking French, I can understand her. My brain is ill-behaved and tends to try to translate everything word-for-word, which is apparently a bad way to go about learning a new language. But my brain doesn't listen to me when I tell it to stop translating. And despite the attempted word-for-word translation that my brain keeps trying to do, sometimes when I'm listening to French conversation, I just understand what is being said, before my translating brain can catch up. So I'll find myself nodding agreement even as my brain finally proudly announces that it's decyphered what's being said.


Have you experienced anything like this, or am I the only one?

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