Apr 5, 2010

crafts: strange behaviour

tiny, by me

As you already know, I started actively using Ravelry a few weeks ago, and it's shifted my behaviour in several substantial ways.
  1. I now have a forum I visit multiple times a day, and check obsessively to see if anyone has replied (appreciate me, please!). This of course means that I can no longer nag Kyle about spending so much time on NeoGAF...
  2. I crochet, obsessively. I spend all my spare time (and even some non spare time) crocheting, and I've started writing patterns too. Before Ravelry, I crocheted because I had promised people that I'd make them afghans. Now I crochet because I want to CREATE.
  3. I have turned my photography towards more... practical matters. I spend a lot of time photographing my crafts, and I spent an obscene amount of time photographing my stash (i.e. yarn collection). Who takes photos of their yarn? I do I do!
rainbow swirl
rainbow swirl, by me

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Ashley said...

Ack! I totally forgot about Ravelry! I joined it and meant to take pictures of my crochet projects so I could post them but it totally slipped my mind. I must get around to doing that sometime soon!